Our Services


  • Website Design, Layout and Development.
  • User-Friendly, Mobile Friendly and Desktop Friendly Designs
  • Website and Mobile App Consultation
  • Framework Development
  • Software Consultations & More.


  • Gain immediate attention in the most reliable way
  • All the features. One convenient platform
  • 5.3 billion people in the world have mobile phones
  • Interact on a personal level
  • Instant 1:1 engagement & More.


  • POS Systems
  • Accounting Software Systems
  • Hospital, Church,  School and Hotel Management Systems
  • E-Learning Management Systems
  • Product Management Solutions & More.


EcoPay is and affordable services that allows you to benefit from our website options, and content from the push of a button. For only N$150.00 per month

  • Domain Name Registration (com, net, online, us)
  • 1 Website Page
  • Unlimited Shared Hosting (Website and Email Addresses)


  • Green powered Website Hosting
  • Green powered Email Hosting
  • Domains Hosting or Domain Name Registration
  • Green powered Reseller Hosting
  • Google Workspace Hosting 


  • Physical or Remote Support
  • Information Recovering or Data collection
  • Google Support Services
  • IT Monitoring Solutions
  • Network Security & More.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can call our customer care centre number at +264824001061 or hello@greenecomedia.online

We are happy to host community-interest non-profits on our services. For instance, church groups, food banks and book clubs etc. However, the website needs to have a wider community purpose: a personal blog would not qualify. It should not also be used to generate revenue for you or another business (for example through Google AdSense).

Green Eco-Friendly Media, fully owns and controls its software This ensures independence from third parties and proper access control.

You can contact our support team either by sending a support email to us at support@greenecomedia.online

Yes we can! If you would like to transfer your curent website or service to Green Eco-Friendly Media, or you have a website or which is not yet live please getting touch, by calling our customer care centre at +264824001061.

Visit https://yourdomainname.com/webmail, start mailing!

We’d love you to! Any blog posts, tweets or social media posts to this page will be hugely appreciated. We have no limit on the number of business we can host and we’d like to help as many as possible. Please get in touch, if you have any specific ideas to help spread the word.